Kemexpo exhibition booth design specializes in providing solutions to create unique stand designs every industry and demand- from the most basic works to a high end custom stand.

Our experienced staff deal with clients on a personal basis to give a reliable, responsive and efficient stand types, from the initial design to the finished booth project.

Creativity is important. It maintains your brand contemporary, also it keeps your clients on target and coming back again. Our designers understand why, and constantly drive creativity to maintain our customers at the leading edge of modern design.

Kemexpo designers have practical talent and industry working experience to increase exhibition booth exposure, optimizing design and style and developing a unique customer experience that is a natural extension of your exhibition presentation and branding.

Our in-house design, manufacturing and installation teams deliver everything that you need – whether it’s a cost effective system stand display unit, or a complex high end custom booth.

Understanding the importance of uniqueness with individuality to generated relevant impression
Innovative exhibition stand designs, to deliver an interactive experience.
Designs with an excellent visibility to expose products and services.
From minimalistic, tematic stands all solutions.
Graphic design and printing multimedia & special effects.
From planning the interior, Furniture to VIP areas.
Custom Unique Designs
exhibition stands
Stand design and build

Discover custom-made stand Solutions for effective exhibition presentations

Exhibition stand design it is necessary to think of the stand interior as a entire concept that should work seamlessly. A sequence of areas linked with each other. It is therefore applicable that a prevalent design and style is created by professionals.
All interior design elements should come together and complement each other to strengthen the complete composition.

Exhibition stand design


Inside Budget         Target budgeting. Evaluating marketing targets. Design development. Virtual design and construction specification. Realtime, information of project stage. Just-on-time build up and delivery.

Inside Budget

Get started – Exhibition Design and manufacturing Progressive solutions: Explore stand design and build services Reliable and great booth building network

Europe Wide Supply

Discover fascinating stands and custom exhibits either way domestic and overseas exhibitors presenting in Europe. We are one of the leading custom exhibition stand contractors in Europe. Hire the most innovative  designers. Explore exhibition smart ideas

Exhibition Stands

– Capacity to cooperate with complex requirements -Custom made exhibition stand design -Trade show marketing support -Personalization considering your targets -Artworks graphics and multi-media -Realtime administration and guidance -Construction -Buildup on the fairground

Project Administration
From finding an suitable look, to coloring the stand, developing an interior booth design. Custom designed exhibition stands to help you optimize your event demonstration.

Appealing styles and designs - Create attention