Marketing exhibition stand concepts

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Marketing exhibition stand concepts

Five seconds – that is just how long it takes for a good exhibition stand to get noticed. In an event, exhibits are the stars that everyone comes to see and witness, and as an exhibitor, you would absolutely want your targeted traffic to remember and perceive in your exhibit. But how?

The concept of brand recognition is a very common measure of marketing communication effectiveness and is connected to the strength of the brand presence inside the mind of the consumer.
Brand awareness is shown by consumer ability to identify and remember the company under different conditions including recognition

Innovative Exhibitions booths are often based on first impressions nearly as much as information needs to be conveyed, they also are aware that being forgettable and boring is a grave sin in advertising. As far as functionality is concerned, Activteam has extensive knowledge of architectural build methods that make creating display stands a cinch.

Since 1999, Activteam has been helping enterprises and international brands acting around the world to design and construct outstanding exhibition stands. Behind the scenes, highly skilled production team work meticulously produce quality designs for high-end requests. (Useful tips in Creating Innovative Exhibition booths)

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