Exhibition stand hire for exhibitions in Germany

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Exhibition stand hire for exhibitions in Germany

When looking into getting an exhibition stand to hire there are several areas that can affect the overall price and quality of what you end up with. We have put together 10 quick tips to keep in mind the next time you start this process which we are sure will save you money and get you a better quality display.

1 – Give yourself plenty of time

The more time you give a good exhibition stand builder, the more options and often better prices you will get on your stand. The bigger the stand the longer you will need to finalise designs and costs but if you work on 3 – 6 months prior to the show you should be fine.

2 – Develop a clear budget

This needs to be done well before you start speaking with stand builders. Give your budget to the companies pitching for your work and see what they can do for that fixed price. Remember to always check whats included in any quotes so you don’t get any surprises after the show.

3 – Develop a clear list of requirements

Companies that have exhibition stands for hire will often try to persuade you to use the particular items they have available rather than what you have requested as part of your brief. There is always another way of doing something, so if you are being told ‘that’s impossible’, simply go to another supplier for another opinion.

4 – Always look for stand packages first

Once you have a brief it is always worth looking to see what rental packages are available that may fit your needs. You can save 10% – 35% simply by finding something that is already designed and sold as a package. Packages should not have any design costs in them and will also allow you to get a fixed price for the exhibition stand you hire.

NOTE: Events 720 have a range of exhibition stand packages for hire which can be viewed here:

5 – Get Two Quotes

Unfortunately, like many industries, there can be a used car salesman approach from some companies to over charge on some rental stands. Always get 2 quotes based on the same brief to compare costs and design options.

6 – Make the most of your space

Don’t let having a small floor space dictate the look and feel of your stand. Great design is all about function and this is even more important in a small space. There are lots of options between $5k – $10k that will give your small 9SQM space one of the best exhibition stands at the show.

7 – Theme with colour, not graphics

If you are on a tight budget you can save a significant amount of money by theming the stand with paint instead of graphics. Painted walls can be up to 60% cheaper than graphic covered walls. Basic colour schemes with integrated logos are also very popular in the design space currently.

8 – Don’t forget to promote

We often see when companies opt to hire an exhibition stand they also decrease their level of promotion around their participation at that particular event. Renting a stand is still a big investment so ensure you get the most out of it possible by letting people know where you will be.

9 – look at buying some components for the stand

If you find that you are regularly hiring exhibition stands (which is very common) you may also find that there are some items that you are hiring time and time again. It is worth exploring if it is worth while making some purchases to use with your hired stand to cut down on some of the hire costs.

10 – It might actually be cheaper to buy the stand

Depending on how creative you are looking to get, it can sometimes be actually more cost effective to purchase the stand to reuse than it is to simply hire. If components are being custom manufactured and then need to be recycled or destroyed post show, you could actually find it is cheaper to take delivery of the stand post show to reuse again.

Like anything to do with trade shows and exhibitions, when looking for a stand to hire there are often more questions than answers. Always find a supplier that you are comfortable with and trust to give you honest advice. This will give you the confidence to know you are selecting the right option with your next purchase.

If you would like some additional advice or would simply like to discuss some of the options available from Events 720, get in contact with us today.

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