Exhibiting in UK - Booth design and build in London

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Exhibiting in UK - Booth design and build in London

The trade fair business is one of the main service providers of the European economy. It is considered in the international competition as particularly efficient, inventive and most wide-ranging. As one of the most important marketing instruments, trade fairs and exhibitions are key impulse generators for international trade in goods and services.

Trade fairs and exhibitions contribute to an intensification of competition as well as to a surge in growth and employment. Because of the high degree of internationality of European trade fairs, the impact on the economy as a whole is particularly marked.n the wake of globalization and a greater orientation strong markets, the importance of such sector marketplaces with global significance will increase even more in the future. The trade fair companies are thereby increasingly developing into comprehensive marketing partners for the industry. They are the intermediary between suppliers and buyers.

Exhibition providers in the UK and London

Tips on engaging in an exhibition in Europe. Find exhibition support companies in Italy

Italy is famous for its trade shows. Every year nearly 500 different events take place all over the country. Some of those are huge international shows in Milan, Rimini, Rome. others are more local and more specialized trade events. Italy offers something for everyone; all major industry sectors are covered – manufacturing, technology, food, cars, beauty and fashion, leisure, travel, construction, education and many more. Every sector has at least a few trade events, each of them attracting different crowds.

The selection of the show (or shows) depends on the nature of your organization, but it is extremely likely that – as a foreign company – you would decide for an international trade show. These are usually taking place in one of the major cities, such as. For your convenience and reference, we have made a map – cities hosting most international trade shows are marked dark red with their names in capitals; other cities are home to smaller numbers of shows, but they are still important, especially in certain industry sectors.

Obviously, there are other towns and cities that host a couple, usually specialized trade shows – these are not on the map, but you might find them in the Italian trade show list.

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